Hi, I'm Erin Dinneen. I'm a 2019 graduate of the York University / Sheridan College Program in Design. I was Director of Print Content for my cohort's grad show, In Real Life. In 2019, I attended the School of Visual Arts Design Writing and Research Summer Intensive.

Previously, I was the Jr. Graphic Designer with The JUNO Awards.

Currently, I am a Digital Designer on Spin Master's creative content team.

Sector Magazine

A print publication exploring themes of science-fiction through short stories, non-fiction articles, and experimental narratives.


A custom typeface evoking the contrast and harmonious union of the technological and the biological.

The JUNO Awards

Selected work for digital marketing.

every summer

Book design exploring the contrast between technology and nature through personal writing, photography, and illustration.

Meaninglessness ➞ Meaning

Guided sketchbooks which recontextualize the mundane, leading the participant to creative thought and exploration.


A custom typeface and motion piece based on the grid-settings used in a random bitmap generator.