Meaninglessness → Meaning

A set of guided sketchbooks which recontextualize the mundane imagery of the every day, leading the participant to creative thought and exploration. Through interpretation of this imagery, the participant learns that creativity is not for the select few, but is rather a potential inside all of us.

This project reflects the workings of the Google DeepDream algorithm, wherein imagery is iteratively changed to reinforce an initial interpretation. Here, the participant traces over imagery, changing its appearance in reality to reflect the image in their mind. In this way, the participant is led to discover that meaning can be constructed from anything, and creative inspiration found in even the most ordinary of places.

How to Use

Guided prompts are paired with low-opacity imagery, encouraging the user to bring their own interpretations to each page. Through activities such as tracing, patternmaking, and the re-interpretation and development of previous drawings, the participant creates a book of visual work that can be used as a starting point for creative endeavours. The minimal style and simple structure guides the participant without restricting them, creating a safe place for exploration and experimentation.

Many of the image prompts are followed by a blank spread, asking the participant to develop their own work further, bringing in more of their personal style and preferences. The end of each sketchbook includes a series of blank spreads where they can go back through their work, further developing favourite interpretations. This format encourages original creation, with the imagery as only a starting point, not the final result.