The JUNO Awards

Encompassing a series of public and private events, and culminating in the JUNO Awards Broadcast, the JUNO Awards honours the achievements of Canadian musical artists. I began working with The JUNO Awards as a junior designer for the 2020 season, and returned for 2021 as a freelance designer.

The 2020 JUNO Awards

As the Junior Graphic Designer with The JUNO Awards, I worked on marketing materials for the promotion of the JUNO Awards Broadcast, as well as for the JUNO Week events. I worked within brand guidelines to develop a new and consistent creative approach for the 2020 year. All work was completed with the creative direction of Angela Noonan, Senior Manager of Creative.

Performer Creative

I worked on the creative concept for all performer promotional imagery to be used across artist socials, web ads, and on digital and print billboards across Canada.

The goal was to create a simple framework that could be flexibly used for a variety of artist images, following the JUNOS brand guidelines while also maintaining each artist’s style. I paired each artist with a unique gradient colour scheme; modular type could be used as a textural element or left out if the application required more copy.

We arrived at this final approach in response to the creative developed by CBC for host Alessia Cara’s promotional portraits and commercial spots, which used coloured lighting in pinks and purples. The use of gradients for the other performers allowed for all assets to exist together cohesively.

The 2021 JUNO Awards

In 2021, I worked with The JUNO Awards as a freelance designer, and had full creative control of the digital marketing materials for three of the virtual JUNOS events: Junior JUNOS, Stories from the Studio, and JUNO Songwriters’ Circle. Assets for these included social media posts and Google Display ads.

I developed a unique style for each set of events, while maintaining consistency within the JUNOS brand guidelines, including use of the brand typeface and logo lockups.

Junior JUNOS Virtual Event Creative

A series of four virtual concerts for kids and families, hosted by the Toronto Public Library. Musical guests were nominated in the Children’s Album of the Year category.

I created a consistent visual style to unify the four concerts within the series. Variational gradient textures are used alongside wavy shapes to create a sense of play and motion. Each artist is differentiated by a unique colour scheme.

JUNO Songwriters' Circle Virtual Event Creative

An intimate conversation through which artists share the stories behind their songs, with an emphasis on the songwriting process.

For this event, I created a scrap paper background with the artists’ names handwritten as a call out to the act of songwriting, and to give a casual feeling. The varied light creates depth while centering the important information.

JUNO Stories from the Studio Virtual Event Creative

A conversation with artists discussing their unique approaches to music-making, giving a look into their processes.

Here, I continued the textural and light-based approach I took with the previous two events. As this event featured a more technical subject matter, I kept it serious with a monochrome colour scheme while still maintaining an element of playfulness through offset typography.